Review Moc Chau trip: Plum blossom season 2020

Review Moc Chau: Plum Blossom Season 2020 by Facebooker Maria Tuyen.

  • Time: 4 days 3 nights
  • Total cost: 3,900k for 2 people

There are very interesting and helpful experience for travelers who are planning to Moc Chau, the land of beauty and romance in the North Mountain of Vietnam. For that reason, translated and shared her article as follows:

We had planned for 4 day and 3 night however there were only 3 day 2 night to explore Moc Chau, because the first day we missed the bus then had to take the late trip at 11:30 am and arrived at Homestays at 4:30 pm, so we couldn’t do anything else for that day. Here is my detailed schedule:

How to arrive Moc Chau?

The distance from Hanoi to Moc Chau is only about 200km on steep mountain pass so it takes about 5 hours for the car to drive us to the Homestay. There are many options of transportation for you to choose, especially traveling by motorbike. However our driving skill is limited so we choose to us the Limousine of Xuan Trang Bus, the fare is 220k each person.

Where to stay in Moc Chau?

It was the first time we came to Moc Chau so we would like to have a Homestay which is close and easy to travel to the photography spots of Moc Chau. When I was searching for homestay or hotel I realized that most of them were far away from tourist attractions and was not very convenient, so we decided to stay in the area of town center.

This trip we stayed at the Bear Smile homestay located on Nguyen Hoai Xuan street, sub-area 6, Moc Chau. Our room is very clean, large and airy. The most especially is the friendly and kindness of Landlords who advised us very enthusiastically about the check-in locations in Moc Chau.

  • Address: Nguyen Hoai Xuan, sub-zone 6, Moc Chau and Son La.
  • Price: 350.000 VND / 1 night.

How to go around in Moc Chau?

Personally I think the most convenient way to move is motorbike. I don’t prefer car because some road to attractions is very small and difficult.Hence I strong recommend that you should choose a motorbike.

If you travel to Moc Chau by bus, you can rent a motorbike like we did. We rented a motorbike right at homestay Bear Smile. That motorbike was strong, stable and the rental fee is 120.000 VND per day.

  • Rent a motorbike: 120.000 VND / 1 day.
  • Phone number: 0966.567.688.

Detailed schedule

Day 1: Apricot Forest Km82 – “Mu Nau” Plum Valley.

Apricot Forest Km82

The first day, we chose a very hot check-in spot in Moc Chau which is Apricot Forest at Km82 on Highway 6. It Located about 5 km from our homestay in the direction from Hanoi to Son La. I searched it on Google maps but got no result so we must ask local people to get direction.

You can search and follow Google maps direction to Sao Xanh Hotel. That forest is about 1km far from Sao Xanh Hotel. Pass over the hotel, you will see a signpost to Apricot Forest. Anyway, from the road you already see an amazing wide valley of white apricot flower.

  • Location: Mo Mo Km82_QL6.
  • Ticket price: 20.000 VND / 1 person.
  • Note: do not pick flowers in the garden or shake the tree for falling flowers in order to take pictures.

“Mu Nau” Plum Valley

After visiting Apricot Forest Km82, we turned back to town to have lunch. Then at 2:00 pm, we started again to find the way to Mu Nau Valley to visit Plum Forest. Be careful because this spot is quite hard to search and Google maps will give you wrong direction to a Karaoke shop. You must find and ask local people who are familiar and fluent in terrain. At that day we were lucky enough to met Landlord of Love Mountain Town Homestay, Mr. Tran Duc Duy – he showed us the way to move up the valley in very detail.

The road to go to Mu Nau valley is quite steep and rough, so I recommend you to ride a gear motorbike rather than scooter. Don’t worry if you cannot ride a motorbike by yourself, there always have motorbike taxi service of local people ready for you. The motorbike taxi price is 120,000 VND/ person. Regarding the accommodation service, you can stay at Love Mountain Homestay which is convenient for you to go around.

  • Location: “Mu Nau” Plum Valley.
  • Ticket price: 20.000 VND/ 1 person.
  • Motorbike taxi: 120.000 VND/ 1 person / 2 ways.

Day 2: Strawberry Garden “Chimi Farm” – The Heart Tea Hill.

Chimi Farm Strawberry Garden

Our 2nd day started later because it was raining a little bit. We started moving from home to Chimi Farm Strawberry Garden at 10 am. The distance from our Homestay to the Strawberry Garden is about 15km and we arrived at 11:00 am. It was also lucky that it became already clear and sunny when we got there so the photoshoot was very chill.

In Moc Chau, there are 2 Chimi Farm Gardens, one is in Pine Forest at Ang Village and another one is at The Heart Tea Hill. I prefer to go to the second one because they have very big strawberries and also a very hot check-in spot which is Bali Ball House. Here, you do not need to buy the ticket to enter the garden, only pay when you pick strawberries. The price is 350.000 VND per 1 kg of big and sweet strawberries. That day we met the very big and ripe fruits so we picked pretty much which was about 1.5kg of strawberries. Then at checkout, I felt … (crying softly).

  • Location: Chimi Farm Strawberry Garden.
  • Strawberry Price: 350.000 / 1kg.
  • Must have: Good camera or phone to take photograph with 1001 illusive scenes.

The Heart Tea Hill

After visiting Strawberry Garden, we moved to the heart tea hill to take pictures for a while and then returned to town because it was around 12:30 when the sun reached top of the head and we was so hungry.

You do not have to pay to enter the tea hill, however you should rent costumes of Minorities to take sparkling pictures in that scene. Because I had my own costumes and did not rent there so I’m not sure about rental price. The scenery on the tea hill is very romantic. Wedding photos here will surely be fancy frames.

Finish taking pictures at Tea Hill, we moved back to town for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to Happy Land and Glass Bridge at Dai Yem Waterfall at 3:00 pm. However it wasn’t as expected so we went back Homestay to have a rest and dinner.

Day 3: Dairy Farm – Pine Forest at Ang Village.
Dairy Farm
Our last day in Moc Chau started with the Dairy Farm. Come to Dairy Farm and you will learn a lot and experience the real process of dairy farming.

Day 3: Dairy Farm – Pine Forest at Ang Village.

Dairy Farm

Our last day in Moc Chau started with the Dairy Farm. Come to Dairy Farm and you will learn a lot and experience the real process of dairy farming.

In addition, you wil be involved in a number of dairy farming tasks such as mowing the lawn, feeding the cows, especially hand-milking the cows. You also have another opportunity to pick strawberries in their strawberry garden. When you be there, you should try the all types of milk, especially yogurt. Its taste is very strange, fragrant of cow milk. We ate alot and bought more to bring as gifts for our friends.

  • Location: Dairy Farm.
  • Ticket price: 20.000 VND / 1 person.

Pine Forest at Ang Village

Our last destination in Moc Chau is the Pine Forest. It look like a pine forest in Dalat. The early morning dawn or dusk evening here will definitely be chill for photography. If you come here you should visit the Chimi Farm garden 1 to enjoy strawberry smoothies.

That’s all experience for our trip to Moc Chau in 4 days 3 nights.
Hopefully the information which I shared will be useful for you on upcoming trips.

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