Incredible Red Beach in Panjin City (Liaoning)

Red Beach Scenic Spot is a tourist attractions with 4A-level ratings and an excellent scenic spot in Liaoning Province, which belongs to wetland eco-tourism area. It is a perfect combination of natural environment and human landscape, and is a comprehensive green eco-tourism scenic spot integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure and vacation. It is a famous national nature reserve.

Why is Panjin Red Beach So Special?

Red Beach Scenic Area is famous at home and abroad for its unique natural wonder – Red Beach. In fact, Red Beach is not a real beach, but an oceanic wetland formed by a large area of Suaeda salsa, which grows on the ground in April every year. It is tender red at first, gradually turning deep, from red to purple. It does not need people to sow nor cultivate, a cluster and a fluffy, in the midst of time, brewing a piece of fiery red color of life. It is also the southernmost breeding place for red-crowned cranes and the main breeding ground for black-billed gulls, a rare bird in the world.


Where is Panjin Red Beach – Location

Red Beach is located in the northeast of Bohai Bay, Zhaoquanhe town, Dawa district of Panjin City in the wetland of Liaohe Delta. It is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Panjin City, Liaoning Province. 

Best Time to Visit Panjin Red Beach

Autumn(from middle September to middle October) is the best season to come here. The Red Beach is seasonal. It opens to the outside world every May, but only in the autumn of October can we appreciate the charm of Red Beach, when the suaeda salsa grows most vigorously. At this time, the sunset on Red Beach is very beautiful. If you are on Red Beach around 4 or 5 p.m., you can see a beautiful sunset under good weather conditions.

Suaeda salsa is the only grass that can survive in saline-alkali soil. In normal years, seedlings can emerge from early March to early June. The unearthed cotyledons are bright red, flowering from July to August, fruiting from September to October, and the seeds are fully mature in early November.


Things to Do at Panjin Red Beach

Appreciate the Red Beach

The Red Beach’s most unique feature is its seepweed-covered landscape which is distinguished by its color. It is alive, always chasing the traces of the waves. The beach stretches inward at a speed of 50 meters a year, and the Red Beach steps into the sea step by step. Built in April 2013, the Red Beach National Scenic Corridor stretches 18 kilometres from Jieguanting to Erjiegou. It is comprised of 10 scenic spots, all of which are situating within the red beach and the reed marsh. 

Watch Birds

Red Beach is the layover spot for approximately 250 species of birds that migrate annually from East Asia to Australia such endangered types as the Red Crane and the Black Beaked Gulls. It is the southernmost breeding place for red-crowned cranes and the main breeding ground for black-billed gulls. Birds are attracted by the nesting opportunities of aquatic plants and the abundance of fish in the area. In this wetland, red-crowned cranes, geese, Sinian crow sparrow known as Panda and dozens of migratory birds, winter in reed marshes every year.


Main Attractions of Panjin Red Beach

  • Love on Lounge Bridge(廊桥爱梦): The shape resembles the elegant red ribbon thrown into the earth by the old man under the moon. The heart-shaped gallery is connected with the arch magpie bridge. The 400-meter-long trestle road extends the romantic journey of men and women from knowing each other, loving each other until hand in hand for a lifetime.
  • Love Declaration Gallery(爱情宣言廊): This is the southernmost part of the scenic area. To the south is a vast expanse of red Suaeda salsa, to the north is a vast reed marsh, and to the East is a vast paddy field.
  • Lovers’ Island(情人岛): Lover’s Island is named for a sad love story about Lusheng and Hongxiu. 
  • Rice Dream Space(稻梦空间): Under the sky, rice is a brush, field is a canvas, and wind plays music – a scenic spot that “planted” art into the field.
  • Wolong Lake Wharf(卧龙湖码头): Wolong Lake, overlooked from the air, is like a giant dragon lying across a reed marsh. Head to the sea, with dragon body, claws, and tail. It provides cruise boat tour service.
  • Yishui Yunzhou(依水云舟): The trestle is long and winding, connecting with the sea and the sky, as if a big ship is going to sailing. Walking in the corridor, watching the red beach and green reeds on both sides, listening to the thousands of migratory birds, feeling the magnificent waves of the sea, as if traveling by boat.
  • Walking on the Sunset(踏霞漫步): The best visit time is in the afternoon or evening, with red and green echoing each other, red and green, forming a strong visual impact, beautiful.

How to Get to Panjin Red Beach

The first step en route to the Red Beach is Panjin City, which is accessible within China via train or bus. Nearby airports are Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and Jinzhou Xiaolingzi Airport.

By Car-rental or Self-driving

Driving Routes:

From Shenyang: Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway – Panhaiying Expressway -Panjin Nan Expressway – Xianghai Avenue (Zhonghua Road) – Red Beach Street – Red Beach National Landscape Corridor

From Dalian: G15 – Panjin Shugang Expressway – 305 National Highway – Zhonghua Nan Road – Binhai Avenue – Red Beach National Landscape Corridor


By Sightseeing Bus

Tourists can take a sightseeing bus to Jinjiang Hotel in Xinglongtai District of Panjin City and get off at Panjin Read Beach Resort. Each person needs 7 yuan, about 1.5 hours. Buses run every hour. Then, take a taxi or tricycle to the Red Beach Scenic Area, which costs about 10 yuan per person, about 10 minutes. There are free buses driving the tourists to the Red Beach Scenic Area from the reception center of the resort. Before taking the bus, please ask the staff for departure time. The bus will stop at the gate of the scenic spot. Upon reaching the gate, you can see the ticket office. 

By Taxi

You can also take a taxi form Panjin City directly to the Red Beach Scenic Area. It usually take about 150 yuan per car or you can carpool with other tourists. Because the distance from the reception center of Red Beach Resort to the main entrance of the scenic spot is very long, if you come directly by chartered car, it is better to tell the driver to drive you directly to the entrance of the scenic spot. 

In addition, from the end of April to the end of October each year, tourists can travel to the scenic spot by bus from Panjin Railway Station. The bus departs at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and returns at 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., respectively. One way 20 yuan.


Dining and Accommodation

There is a resort outside the scenic area. It is 7 kilometers away from the gate of the scenic area. There are seven villas in the resort, where you can go boating, fishing and tasting local delicacies. Apart from staying in scenic areas, you can also live in urban areas of Panjin city.

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