Jurassic World Café (ION Sky) – Dinosaur Themed Café

Jurassic World Cafe opens at ION Sky. I was glad to be able to secure a reservation on its opening day and head down in all eagerness.

The first to open in Southeast Asia and in Singapore, the Jurassic World Cafe pop up will be available from 6 November 2020 to 3 January 2021. Besides dinosaur-themed food, desserts and drinks, you can also experience a 360 degree view of Singapore’s skyline at level 56 of ION Orchard and explore a range of Jurassic Park’s merchandise.


The menu is rather concise, with three mains (Jurassic World Burger $28, Volcano Curry $23, Nasi Lemak $20), one sides (Curly Fries $14), four types of desserts and several drinks.

The Volcano Curry is our favourite, comprising of tender pork chunks drenched in a rich and creamy sauce, with a touch of spiciness.

The Jurassic Burger, however, was a let down, with the beef patty being very tough, though the rest of the components were tasty on their own. The wedges and bacon strips were crispy good too.

There was a choice for ‘pink’ or ‘well done’ for the beef doneness and we were recommended ‘well done’.

All the desserts looked interesting and we eventually settled for the Geologic Parfait $16 which features creamy, sticky and nutty layers of sweet treats. It reminded me of a cross between a Snicker Bar and Ferrero Rocher. My partner did not particularly enjoyed this.

For drinks, we tried the Latte $6, Cappuccino $6 (on the bitter side) and Brachiosaurus Soda $8 that has a very minty taste.

Retail and Merchandise

Jurassic World Cafe

Level 56, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 8028 1489

Website: https://www.jurassicworldcafe.sg

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