Hanoi Food Tour 2020

Hanoi with more than 1000 years of history is very romantic and poem. Traveling to Hanoi, whether in the drizzle of the cold winter or the heat of the summer day, travelers should take time to enjoy culinary in the Old Quater. Today izitrip.asia will review Hanoi food tour which is the soul of Capital culture.

Pho – An unique flavor of Hanoi

Although pho has become a familiar dish and is available throughout the country, every time it comes to the taste of traditional pho, people think of Hanoi as a very natural way, according to its inherent nature. Hanoi Pho has been attracting tourists with its sweet broth and soft noodles, mixed with the aroma of beef and herbs. Whenever watching the hot smoke rising from the bowl of pho, you want to start trying immediately.

Pho Hanoi
Pho on small road

Pho in Hanoi is very diverse, from beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup to pan-fried pho, spring rolls, … each has its unmistakable flavor. Many local people often told me that if traveling to Hanoi without having tried pho, it means not yet come to the Capital. Pho has been a soul of Old Quater so people can feel all the flavor and taste only if they enjoying at this place. Quan Thanh chicken noodle soup, Lo Duc beef noodle soup, Bat Dan sauteed pho, Tay Ho pho noodles are typical places for tourists to explore at a reasonable price.

Bun Cha – The most passionate and emotional

In the Top 10 best street food in the world, it is enough to explain why Hanoi bun cha is so popular with domestic and foreign tourists. Every time traveling to the land of masterpieces in the North of Vietnam, travelers take the time to enjoy the famous bun cha. It is difficult to find the right words to describe the rich but not greasy taste of meat, the slightly sour taste of the side dish, and the special sauce. Let enjoy it by yourself, you can feel it all deep inside your pleasant.

Bun cha Hanoi
Bun cha Hanoi

Eating bun cha together with a cup of cold fresh beer in Hanoi is an unforgettable experience. Tourists can easily find out delicious bun cha in the Old Quater at Hang Than Street, Hang Manh Street, or any other narrow road on their journey to explore Hanoi.

Bun Thang – A frugal food of Hanoi

In parallel with bun cha, bun thang is also considered a ‘food’ that must be tried when traveling to Hanoi. At first glance, the bun thang bowl is very simple. However, to make a delicious bowl, the recipe must be very sophisticated and through many stages. Served with vermicelli is a bowl of broth with diverse tastes, including shredded chicken breast, thin fried chicken eggs, and thin-sliced pork sausage, adding a few herbs to decorate and savor.

Bun thang Hanoi
Bun thang Hanoi

Bun thang will satisfy any fastidious diners with its taste. So, please list this delicious and nutritious dish on your list of Hanoi cuisine. You must try it right away when visiting Hanoi for any reason. Two restaurants in no.32 and 48 in Cau Go street are addresses where tourists should come to enjoy special bowls.

Shrimp cake tasting and sightseeing in West Lake

For a long time, Ho Tay shrimp cake has been an ‘expensive’ dish of Hanoi people. Each piece of fragrant cake is beautifully decorated on the plate to make customers unable to take their eyes off. Crunchy cake, natural sweet from shrimp taste served with slightly sour fish sauce and fresh herbs will let you feel very particular. Enjoying the most delicious shrimp cakes on a windy night, the plate of cake just ‘baked’ is still hot is a very special experience that you can’t find anywhere outside of Hanoi.

Shrimp cake
Dư vị còn đọng mãi trong lòng người du khách phương xa

Choose a quiet corner then reward yourself for a bowl of West Lake shrimp cake and admire the night lights of Hanoi, that is a moment of the most gentle and peaceful heart. Around the West Lake area, there are many stalls selling shrimp cakes, visitors can choose the place that they like with the suitable views.

Enjoy grilled chopped fish and reminisce about ancient Hanoi at La Vong restaurant

La Vong grilled chopped fish with Hanoi people is a part of the memories and nostalgia. So, local people eat La Vong grilled fish not only because of its crispy aroma but also because of the love hidden deep inside. La Vong grilled chopped fish was cooked by Hanoian a long time ago. In the past, it was made from green catfish but now replaced by snakeheads because they become scarce and expensive.

La Vong grilled chopped fish
La Vong grilled chopped fish

Grilled chopped fish is served with thin light rice cakes, rice noodles, fresh herbs, and shrimp sauce. In case you do not eat shrimp sauce, it can be replaced by normal fish sauce. To enjoy in a local way, let try to roll all ingredients inside rice cakes by the time the piece of fish is still hot, the fragrance is still tasty, dip into the sauce, and put it in the mouth. It is a wonderful feeling that will last long forever. Two addresses in no.14 Cha Ca street and 107 Nguyen Truong To Street, have a delicious La Vong grilled chopped fish dish for tourists.

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