Backstreet Rookie Filming Locations

The new Kdrama of Ji Chang Wook with Kim Yoo Jung, Backstreet Rookie started it’s airing and fans are too excited to visit it’s filming locations. Just like me! I got too excited so I visited the places right away.


Backstreet Rookie is based on a webtoon Convenience Store Saet-byul written by Hwalhwasan and illustrated by Geumsagong in 2016-2017. This drama series is played by the stars Ji Chang Wook and actress Kim Kim Yoo Jung.  The first airing was last June 19 with 16 episodes under the SBS channel.

SungKyunKwan University (성균간대학교)

This scene was from Episode 1 but it’s the third time when Saet-byul saw Choi Dae-hyun. She kissed and took his cellphone number three years ago but she never called him.

I tried recreating Saet-byul gestures in the scene and also crop and added Choi Dae-hyun in my photo.

From episode 1, Saet-byul and her friends saw Choi Dae-hyun carrying this big stuff toy and a flower after being dumped by his girlfriend.

This location is located near Sungkyunkwan University in the neighborhood of Jongno. You can take a shuttle bus from Hyehwa Station Exit 2 at the front of Marronnier Park.

How to get here:
Address: 서울 종로구 명륜3길 10 (명륜3가 1-28)
🚉 Hyehwa Station (Line 4) Exit 1
➡️ Take a shuttle bus #8 going to Sungkyunkwan University

Homac Hapjeong Branch (호맥)

This was the first encounter of Saet-byul and Choi Dae-hyun who’s both running towards each other but with different businesses. Choi Dae-hyun has a date and he’s been running later after saving a kitten. While Saet-byul was hurrying to save her friends.

Homac is a restaurant that serves special hotteok and beer. Located near Hapjeong Station, exit 6 or Sangsu Station, exit 1. The store opens from 4:00 pm till 3:00 in the morning the next day.

How to get here:
Address: 서울특별시 마포구 독막로5길 5 대웅빌딩 1층
🚉 Hapjeong Station (Subway Line 6 or 2), exit 6 or Sangsu Station (Subway Line 6),  exit 1.

Bistro Boy (비스트로보이)

Bistro Boy is located in Sangsu-dong and just across Hongdae Gaemi restaurant. A few minutes walk from Sangsu Station, exit 1.

This scene was from Episode 2, where Saet-byul was running to the convenience store to deliver good news to her manager Choi Dae-hyun.

How to get here:
Address: 서울 마포구 독막로 67-10 B02호 (상수동 316-12)
🚉 Sangsu Station (Subway Line 6),  exit 1, 3 minutes walk, Hapjeong Station (Subway Line 6 or 2), exit 5, 10 minutes walk.

GS25 Sookmyung Women’s University Branch (숙대드립점)

In episode 1, Choi Dae-hyun was drinking in front of this convenience store after being devastated by his girlfriend. 

How to get here:
Address: 서울 용산구 청파로47나길 19 (청파동2가 42-31)
🚉 Sookmyung Women’s University Station (Subway Line 4),  exit 10, 9 minutes walk

Coffee Smith (커피 스미스)

Scene from Episode 1, the second time that Saet-byul saw Choi Dae-hyun. She said that the bouquet of flowers was beautiful and it is nice to receive one. This was also the scene where Choi Dae-hyun went on a date and been dumped after. 

How to get here:
Address: 서울 강남구 테헤란로8길 25 커피스미스빌딩 1층 (역삼동 828)
🚉 Gangnam Station (Subway Line 7 or 2),  exit 3, 6 minutes walk, Yeoksam Station (Subway Line  2), exit 3, 9 minutes walk.


This was the place where Choi Dae-hyun helped a kitten inside a hole from the street despite that he has a date.

If you walk straight you will also reach the Suyeon Sanbang Tea House which is a few meters away from here. The tea house was one of the filming locations of the Korean drama The World of the Married.

How to get here:
Address: 서울 성북구 성북로 50-1
🚉 Hansung University Station (Subway Line 4), Exit 6, 8 minutes walk.

GS25 연희점 (Yeonhui Branch)

From Episode 2, Choi Dae-hyun saw the minor who’s pretending to be an instructor to buy cigarettes from a different store. He who also bought cigarettes from their convenience store.

How to get here:
Address: 서울 서대문구 증가로 21-1 1층 (연희동 122-7)
🚉 Hongdae Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 8
➡️ Take a bus 7612 and drop off to Yeonhui-dong Community Center, walk about 1 minute.

왕십리황소곱창 2호점

Aside from being a part-timer at the convenience store she also has another job during her off and those scenes were filmed here at 왕십리황소곱창 2호점.

How to get here:
Address: 서울 종로구 종로8길 13 (관철동 43-1)
🚉 Jonggak Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 4, 2 minutes walk

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