I’m an entrepreneur who had a happy family with 2 kids. I love them so much and want to bring the best education to them. I thought the best way to educate children is experience and practice. That’s why I always setup trips for my family to travel around in summer or new year. Trip planning was not easy for me as I need to read many information, scheduling, booking everything by myself. So, I thought why not building up the tool to help people making trip plan better and more convenience. Geolocation, Big Data and AI can be useful in this case. Then I started to study and build project step by step


My story began in 1982 when I was born in Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. I grew up in a Vietnamese family and well educated of Socialism.


The change was come to me in 1995 when I had an opportunity to play with first computer. It wasn’t mine and also was not been used to learn anything. My dear uncle bought it just to play his game, Solitaire and Mine in Windows 3.11 so I can wait then play whenever he went to work. That was amazing experience for a kid like me when in my country not too many families can own an PC in 90s. I felt in love with computer, yes exactly my first love.

Actually, I’m not interested in Solitaire and Mine, they are too boring however I like the colorful screens, the sound of typing on keyboard, the mouse point on Windows, the command line in MSDOS, the beauty of CPU. I also had some lessons in programming in Pascal however I must say that it was too awful for me. On the other hand, I prefer to work with sound and graphic than coding. Then, I started to buy books and PC-world magazines to read about hardware, tried to imagine how to build a PC for my own. Of course, it is imagination only as I couldn’t earn enough money to buy a luxury stuffs when my family still didn’t have enough money for daily living. Anyway, love is still there, and I kept it in my heart for myself only and continue dreaming about a PC.


Finally, I had one in 1998 as an award for my good results in school. My parents gave me an 2nd hand PC with very limited hardware capability. I didn’t mind about that matter; my dream came true and I was really really really happy. I could play with her all the time to create beauty contents and learn many new things.


In 2000, my lover was connected to Internet. My sister went to America to study her master course, so my parents need Internet to send email to her daily. I became a student in Economics University too. I didn’t choose Computer science or any others IT related subjects because I want to do a business to earn money, a lot of money not monthly salary for an engineer. My love with PC still kept growing and I started playing with websites. I spent a lot of effort to build the first website for my class with Frontpage and Paint. Wow it was so great to see my classmates proud of and congratulation to my success upload website on internet. It was one of the greatest memorize in my life.


In 2006, I joined with 3 friends to start the first software company and quickly collapsed after 1 year. We didn’t have enough experience and capital. I didn’t upset because I learnt a lot from that failure and when the most important thing when we are young is trying to do what we really obsessed.


In 2011, I started doing business in software industry again after few years working in as a researcher. I also got married and had 2 babies. With a little bit luck and many efforts, we got the first result. After few years, my company was growth, had 200 staffs and some big projects with government. What a pity, the disagreement of shareholders destroyed the company after 8 years. I was one of the last people left the company which we were really love.


My 3rd starting point. We established platforms for sharing economy in tourism and then for logistics. We got quite soon succeed in building concept and going to market but wasn’t on the same page when discuss about growth strategy.


With all of love, I decided to start in early of 2020. I believe in my project will bring the best value to people who like to discover Eastern like a local to have great moments of life, culture and love.


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