A dreamy look of Ha Giang through these accommodations

(luxstay.com) Ha Giang is attractive with its wild beauty: breath-taking scenery, endless winding road, and especially, flower garden. Once visiting this land, you will never forget the flowery beauty here. Which accommodation in Ha Giang to choose now for the best experience is also a concern. Let’s find out your perfect hideaway with this recommended list by Luxstay

Mộc Mây Homestay

Ha Giang is a common destination of backpackers, so a cozy and simple accommodation in Ha Giang like this place is a good choice. Though it is located in the heart of the city, it is peaceful away from the noise outside. Besides, the featured Mayan design with rustic tiles and wood provides an ordinary look. The rustic yet cozy feeling makes you love this place more.

accommodation in Ha Giang
A rustic corner of Mộc Mây Homestay

The whole house capacity is up to 30 people – a great choice for a large group of friends. Fully equipped conveniences to give the best pleasure. For some indoor activities, you can go to the common room and garden area. The staffs are cheerful and willing to help you with any concerns!

Dream Hostel

Another accommodation in Ha Giang for a large group of friends traveling is Dream Hostel. The room is spacious and clean with comfy beds and full conveniences. From the window here, you can witness the Cua Lo river. As this place is located in the heart of Ha Giang, it is super easy to visit tourist attractions.

accommodation in ha giang
The simple dormitory room at Dream Hostel

Some activities you can enjoy here are: playing indoor billiards, chilling in the private waterfront area, tasting some coffee in the terrace while witnessing the mountain afar. Friendly and enthusiastic hosts’ family makes you feel like home by their welcoming attitude. You and your friends will have a memorable time at this place for sure!

Homie Hostel

This house is located in Lo Lo Chai Village, a great place for exploring Ha Giang’s ethnic minorities. The architecture here retains the original version of the more than 100-year-old ancient house of the Lo Lo ethnic group. After the renovation process, this accommodation provides a featured local living experience. Stay away from the bustling city life to immerse yourself here is an adventure that you can hardly forget.

accommodation in Ha Giang
The unique architecture of Homie Hostel

Staying at Homie Homestay, you have the opportunity to visit Rong Mountain, North Pole coffee and to join many local activities such as traditional crafts, cooking class… Besides, don’t forget to enjoy the majestic beauty of the mountain ranges in the clouds.

Lang Tay Homestay

This accommodation in Ha Giang has the featured design of the Tay ethnic group. Take a look around the house, you can see some unique ornaments on the wall. As this place is located in a sparse area, it is surrounded by many green trees. Staying here, you can feel the very fresh air with no dust and noise of the city.

accommodation in Ha Giang
The wild look of Lang Tay Homestay

Lang Tay Homestay is also a pet-welcome accommodation. So don’t hesitate to bring your lovely pet along. Many beautiful landscapes you can discover here. The breath-taking mountain ranges, the green terraced fields, and the curved road are some of the highlights here that you shouldn’t miss.

Ha Giang has many things that capture the heart of who has been here. Visit Ha Giang, especially on the blossom seasons, you will understand why this land has such a promising tourism potential. Book accommodation in Ha Giang with Luxstay now to experience it yourself!

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