9 Random Things You Will Find In Siargao


1. The Famous Bent Coconut Tree

If you wanted to approach the tree, you would have to pay an environmental fee of 20PHP/0.4USD. There are many guides if you wish to get one. I am not sure why it’s necessary when it’s just a stone’s throw and can be seen from the highway.

You can also do a river canoe tour to some natural pool. I didn’t try it, so I can’t vouch if it’s worth trying, but I shouted to these guys on the canoe asking how they find the experience, and they gave me a thumbs up!

The Red/Orange Bridge in Siargao

2. The Red/Orange Bridge

If you want to check out the bent coconut tree, this is your marker! If you go by yourself on a scooter, it will be very challenging to know which roads to take. At least I didn’t see any sign. So you really have to ask for directions. Good thing the caretaker of the hostel I was staying was on his way home to his place in another part of the island, so he showed me which way to go (we conveyed on a motorcycle).

The road to get here is the same road that leads to that part of the island where countless photos are shared in IG, where the background is thousands of coconut trees. You will not miss this bridge because aside from its distinct color, there will be many people stopping by. Also, just before this bridge is a road that is used to get to the airport.

The Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoon

3. The Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoon…

.. should be there at the far end if it was low tide! But since it’s already hightide, that’s what I got, hehe.

Of all the spots I really hope to see on the island, this is the one. The thing is, the pools are only accessible during low tide. Lowtide during the daytime usually lasts for 2 hours and occurs before lunch. I am a late riser so guess what…

I still went though and was ridiculously hoping that who knows, a miracle would happen.. that for the first time, the pools can be accessed even during high tide. Well, I still can’t, ahahhaah. But as a consolation, I discovered that the place is also a nice beach resort and they sell many food items there too!

TIP: Consult Google first what time is the low-tide and high-tide in Pilar if you want to do it in the future. And make sure you have at least 50php because they will not let you enter without paying an environmental fee.

Tricycle in Siargao Island

4. “Taplod

I came to Siargao via Surigao on a ferry. I arrived in Dapa port in Siargao with 1 trolley bag and 2 backpacks (because I don’t know how to travel light!). I could have easily hired a tricycle for 250PHP/5USD to make my life easy. But since I am ‘cheap’ and I was feeling a little adventurous, I tried to do the local (read: cheaper) way to go to General Luna, where you share the ride with other people and split the cost. So I just asked around where’s the terminal

The terminal wasn’t that far. I was a bit worried that I got too much stuff. But of course, this is my beloved Pinas. People find ways. When the driver saw my things, he just got them, swing them on top, and secured it with a rope. We call it here ‘taplod’ (in English: top load). The sweet part, I just paid 1 slot, which is 40PHP/0.8USD.

Habal-habal in Siargao

5. Habal-habal

From Dapa Port, the tricycle dropped me somewhere in GL. To get to my hostel, I had to take another ride. If you didn’t hire a car, there are 2 main commute options on the island—either a tricycle or this one. A short trip (meaning just along the highway in GL) costs 25PHP/0.5USD per person for the trik and 20PHP/0.4USD for this one. The ride is shared. If it’s a ‘special’ trip, you will have to negotiate and agree with the driver how much the cost will be. For my trip, I paid 40PHP/0.8USD with this habal-habal because it’s a special trip. By the way, I like that their habal-habal’s got a roof. Hehe.

Cloud 9 Siargao

6. Cloud 9

Probably the most famous surfing spot in Siargao. Many International Surfing Competitions are held here.

The Jacking Horse Siargao

7. The Jacking Horse

A surfing spot in General Luna which is just located next to Cloud 9. People surfing here are mostly amateurs as waves are relatively ‘mild’.

A random cave in Siargao

8. A Random Cave Just on the Highway

I wrote a review about it. Here’s the link:

The famous concentrated coconut trees in Siargao

9. The Famous Concentrated Coconut Trees

If there’s one backdrop that is heavily utilized, especially by people that have to report on their social media that they went to Siargao, this surely wins it! Be warned, though, that if you don’t want to lose in the social media game and fancies to have your photo here in the future, it’s not easily accessible. You will need a ride and some 30 mins to get here from General Luna.

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